What is GJAGENT.EXE? Is it dangerous malware or something else?

In this post I will tell you how to fix problem manually and how to clean it automatically using a special powerful removal tool.

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Every time I run my computer, it runs the check for new and suspicious software with UnHackMe. And today I noticed GJAGENT.EXE at my startup after playing a couple games. It adds itself automatically to auto startup on system start, whenever I launch Warthunder.
I found the string at my startup from where it launching C:\USERS\ANDREW\APPDATA\LOCAL\GAIJIN\PROGRAM FILES (X86)\NETAGENT\GJAGENT.EXE
Of course I don’t really appreciate it running after closing the game.
But I was not sure if it dangerous or not. So I decided to google it.

So is GJAGENT.EXE dangerous or not?

Well, it puts in Auto-Update tick on every War Thunder Game Launcher start, auto-downloads itself into 3 different folders and auto-adds itself to windows startup and tray.

But why it lives at my computer? I don’t need it at all!
I wondered how to make it stop auto launching, how to make it auto exit, or even how to delete it, if I want to (its not in the Program and Features).
So I searched this information in the web and finally found!
To do so you just have to click the Wrench on the launcher and disable it.
Who would have guessed it was under settings!

If you have the same program at your startup I would encourage you do the same.
Also it will be useful to check your system for real malware, who knows… You may try it with UnHackMe for example. Hope it will help you.

Will you remove it?
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